Please use Wealth Concierge for fun only, and not as actual investment advice. The site is not meant to be taken seriously!

Confused on how to use Wealth Concierge?

Just start here!

Start with entering your age into the demo input. Scoll down and see the demo portfolio, which doesn't change that much.

From there you need to click create yours.

Once you fill out the very long and thorough signup form, please scroll down to portfolio.

The first time using the app you will need to take the risk score quiz. The quiz is 16 questions split up into four sections.

Think long and hard before answering each question because you will not be able to change your score again.

Once you have completed the risk quiz, all you need to do is hit portfolio button again and you're done! Your own custom portfolio will show up.

The portfolio will calculate your after-tax income amount, what your disposable income, and will an amount of money which will be a percentage of what you should invest each month.

There are bonus features like housing which will give you a trend of the last 12 months of housing data for your zipcode.

The dashboard button will take you to a new page and you can begin to buy and track your performance of your portfolio.