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S&P500 Index ETF

Find a suitable ETF that tracks the S&P 500 index. This ETF should be low cost with fees less than .5% a year. Go with whatever your investment broker offers with free transactions.


Find a real estate investment trust(REIT) ETF that will give you the lowest yearly fee and follows the REIT Index. Keep in mind transaction fees and focus on ETF's that are offered through your financial broker.

Utilities ETF

Invest in a low beta Utilities ETF that will help diversify your portfolio. Always focus on keeping fees and transaction costs low.

Government Bonds ETF

Invest in a ETF that has a diversified portfolio of short and long-term Government Bonds. Preferably invested in US Government but stronger Eurozone countries work also.

Corporate Bond Long Term Bonds

Invest in a ETF that has a diversified portfolio of Long Term Corporate Bonds that have a majority invested in large blue chip companies.

Intermediate Term Corporate Bonds

Invest in Intermediate Bond ETF that follows mid-cap companies and has low fees and transaction costs.